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Wingbar Roof Rack Cross Bar TOYOTA RAV4 (XA40) SUV 2013-2018


Product Highlights

  • Low-profile design for an integrated, sleek look
  • Aerodynamic and quiet
  • T-track allows for easy installation of accessories


Purpose of use: Carrying loads and goods from the roof of the vehicle when the trunk of the vehicle is not sufficient.
Carrying capacity: Max -75 kg

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Strength, Secure and Safe Here in Turtle Air our number one priority is safety – for you and people around you. Our roof rack kits ensure our product fits your car as safely and securely possible. Our test center makes sure our roof rack kits survive crash tests, wear and tear simulations, as well as extreme heat, cold, damp, sunlight and even chemicals.

Ready When You are When it comes to user experience our roof rack kits shines. Without the need of any tools installing a Turtle Air roof rack is now quicker and easier than ever before, thanks to the ingenious torque limiter key that clicks once it’s properly tightened, you can be sure of a safe and secure fit on your vehicle every time.


Weight Effective Strong is good, heavy is not. Many racks are clunky and use heavy materials like steel, but you don’t have to sacrifice strength to lose weight. Turtle air roof rack is a well-engineered, all-aluminum rack that is at least 30 percent lighter than steel, with more strength and load carrying capacity.


Low Profile No matter what you put on your roof, it will impact noise and gasoline saving The good news is that it’s possible to mitigate that impact with a low-profile rack like Turtle Air. A lower profile makes loading and unloading gear easier, gives easier access to low parking garages, and creates less drag which means less noise and better fuel mileage.


All Metal More plastic components for both the rack and accessories means more chance for failure. Plastic becomes brittle, has inferior load rating, fades in the sun and breaks are much more likely. Some Companies will use cheap materials because of their lower cost but this is truly a case of you get what you pay for. Not worth the risk. We use min plastics to be sure about our construction quality all the way



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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 110 × 8 × 9 in

Black, Silver


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